Shrimp are easy to grill, lobsters are a little tricky, but crabs are impossible. They can be boiled first to kill them and finished on the grill, but you can always taste the deception. They never attain the fire-branded, concentrated flavor of shellfish cooked completely on the grill. But soft-shell crabs are another story; they can be cooked from start to finish over the fire, which doesn’t take too long – about 5 minutes from start to finish. These are sauced in a classic manner with drawn butter infused with dill.

Prep: 20 minutes
(plus 5 minutes for marinade)
Marinate: 10 minutes
Grill: 5 minutes.

– Clean grill screen
– Long-handled tongs.

Gas: Direct heat, medium-high (425° to 450°F)
Clean, oiled grate
Direct heat, light ash
12-by-12-inch charcoal bed (about 3 dozen coals)
Clean, oiled grate on lowest setting
Direct heat, light ash
12-by-12-inch bed, 3 to 4 inches deep
Clean, oiled grate set 2 inches above the fire

8 soft-shell crabs, about 5 ounces each
1 cup Mignonette Marinade and Mop
1/3 cup chopped fresh dill leaves
4 tablespoons (½ stick) unsalted butter, cut into pieces
Oil for coating grill screen
No-stick spray oil

1. If the crabs have not been “dressed,” you will have to trim them yourself.
2. Heat the grill as directed.
3. Put the crabs in a pie plate or other deep dish. Pour 2/3 cup of the mignonette sauce over the crabs and flip them over several times to coat. Refrigerate for at least 10 minutes.
4. Heat the remaining mignonette in a small skillet until boiling; boil until about 2 tablespoons of liquid are left. Add the dill and stir to moisten. Reduce the heat to low and swirl in the butter until completely incorporated. Set aside.
5. Put the grill screen on the grill and coat it with oil. Spray the crabs on both sides with oil and grill for 3 minutes on the red side (top) and 2 minutes on the white side (bottom).
6. Rewarm the butter sauce if necessary (do not allow it to boil), and serve the crabs topped with sauce.


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